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Spectators in Residence is a study community that promotes learning and research processes based on Graner's programme of artistic residencies in live arts and dance.

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Spectators in Residence (2nd edition)
Mediation I El Graner
March- June 2021

Spectators in Residence is a studio community that promotes spaces for learning and reflection on the contemporary art scene. The programme invites a group of spectators to share encounters with resident artists, taking their creative processes as an opportunity to initiate a conversation about artistic imaginaries and languages.

Through encounters with artists, presentations of work in progress, public debates and exchange practices, the programme explores the epistemic and ludic potential of the public to appropriate and reconfigure the themes of the stage: How do we relate to stage images? What do we do with them? Where do they take us? What kind of imaginary do the images draw? How can the stage become an oracle where future worlds are explored?

Spectators in Residence is open to anyone who wants to enjoy art in an active and dialogical way. It is articulated around two types of encounter:

  • The Theatron is a reserved space to show the work in progress of the resident artists. The artist involved in this edition are Joaquín Collado, Núria Guiu, Cuqui Jerez, Raquel Klein and  Xavier Manubens.

  • The Theoros is a study space about the contemporary condition of the audience and the poetics of translation. A space where we play with the shared root between the theatron - as a place to see - and the Greek theōría - as the observation of what is seen - to explore the bodily, aesthetic, political and affective dispositions that guide our ways of looking, feeling, talking about art.


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