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We are a team of artists based in Barcelona since 2013. Our projects relate art, critical thinking and radical pedagogy to inquire about contemporary issues and promote multiple, situated and transversal learning processes through art.

Our activities develop three main action lines: research and creation, mediation and collaboration with networks and communities, and learning & training. All these lines place the body and the experience at the center of the creation and learning processes, encouraging horizontal and collaborative practices aimed at developing situated and sustainable knowledges.

Since 2013 we have developed mediation projects with several institutions and communities as The Parallel Utopian (2021-22, Lima), Contact Zones (2019-21, Barcelona), Im_mediations (2021, Barcelona), Spectators in Residence (2019-21, Barcelona), Showcases: an exhibition of spaces (2016, Barcelona) or [Mu]danzas (2013, Madrid); research a creative environments like [Un]released Laboratories (2014-17) or The ongoing scene (2014-18); and workshops and trainings with social and educational communities in many cities like Madrid, Tenerife, Barcelona, Valencia, Guadalajara, Lima, among others. Also, we’ve created some plays of dance and theatre as Alphabet, Dangerous dances or This image is not available in your country, and documentaries as The commune (2022).

The creation and research line develops situated practices and epistemologies to expand the power of art as an activator of social change. 

The mediation line develops specific and collaborative projects with the support of local communities and partners, combining artistic approaches with radical democratic strategies to build community and change the local state of affairs.

The learning and training line offers artistic tools and methodologies applied to education and social contexts. 



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︎ Arte Factum
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      Barcelona, 08004 (Spain)
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