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Playgrounds is a research project that explores artistic strategies, practices and methodologies aimed at playfully exploring the aesthetic, political, ethical and affective dimensions of city spaces.    
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Research I Public art
2020- 2021

« What happens every day and comes back every day, the trivial, the everyday, the obvious, the commonplace, the ordinary, the infra-ordinary, the background noise, the habitual, how to account for it, how to question it, how to describe it? »
L'Infra-ordinaire, Georges Perec

«It matters little not to know how to find one's way around a city. On the other hand, getting lost in a city, like getting lost in a forest, requires an apprenticeship. The street signs must then speak to the wanderer like the rustling of dry branches, and the narrow streets of the city centre must reflect the hours of the day as clearly as the hollows of the hills.»
Childhood in Berlin around 1900,
Walter Benjamin
Playgrounds is a research project that explores the capacity of the arts to question and intervene the city. The research interrogates the archive of Western art to systematise procedures, practices and ways of playfully approaching the city that activate the aesthetic, political and ethical dimensions of city spaces.

The project takes the form of a publication containing scores, scores, content and working methodologies to activate situated processes of exploration of the city through strategies based on action art, performance, literature, happening and public art.

Playgrounds prototype with the first research materials.

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