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Contact Zones is a mediation programme developed for Graner: Center of Creation and live arts focused on promoting horizontal dialogues between art and pedagogy. The programme involves three kindergartens, a family space, five primary schools, two high schools and several artists in a process of reflection-action on the "in-between-places" of art and education.   

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Contact Zones (2nd editon)
Mediation I El Graner
2020 — 2021

Contact Zones explores the relationship between performing arts and pedagogy from a perspective that takes body, experimentation and research as common elements between art and education. The project is based in the creation of mixed learning and experimental communities who inhabit on the "in-between-places" of art and education. In order to share times, tools, questions Contact Zones opens spaces of conversation where exchange experiencies, protocols and ways of doing. Therefore, these "in-between-places" involve diverse knowledge, embodied voices and situated experiences in order to estrange, question and commit ourselves through mutual recognition.   

The Contact Zones Programme proposes a working methodology based on mutual collaboration and the exchange of positions between artists, teachers and students. With this approach we promote spaces of circulation between local practices and knowledge, we facilitate the transversality of knowledge, and we shift the power relationship between the one who teaches and the one who learns -in the educational scene-, or the one who makes and the one who observes -in the artistic scene-.

In accordance with this game of transfers and displacements between scenarios, practices, roles and knowledge, we would like to promote dynamics in which we think art from pedagogy, and pedagogy from art. Our aim is to develop spaces of confluence to experiment with the practices and narratives of art and education.

The releasing power of displacement and collaboration between agents as equals become two pillars for an experience that claims polyphony as the fundamental architecture of research, providing the conditions for new fields of action to be composed between the arts and pedagogies in plurality.








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