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Contact Zones is a mediation programme developed for Graner: Center of Creation and live arts focused on promoting horizontal dialogues between art and pedagogy. The programme connects the pedagogical frames with the artistic creative and the new institutionality roles based on participatory formats and collaborative methodologies that facilitate mutant, situated and choreo-political forms of composition between the disciplines, agents and institutions involved.

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Vera Frenkel, String Games: Improvisations for Inter-City Video Toronto, 1974.

String games derive from string figures or cat's cradle, one of the oldest games in history, which consists of composing string figures by passing a loop of string between the hands of two or more players.

Contact Zones (1st edition)
Mediation I El Graner
2019 — 2020

We would like to take up Vera Frenkel's image of string games1 to rethink mediation as a space in which we can interweave artistic-educational languages. Between play, listening and provocation, this image reveals mediation as an unexpected choreography of movements, positions, manoeuvres and visions that are tensioned, intertwined and composed in a shared exercise. With this choreographic metaphor we want to propose a Contact Zone to merge artistic and pedagogical approaches, and create a hybrid space to imagine other ways of doing art and education.

Based on the idea that the scenic act and the educational act can be understood as two meeting arts, Contact Zones propose a permanent dialogue between artists, teachers and students to shift the places, positions and roles between who sees and who does, who teaches and who learns, who knows and who doesn't know, and who takes the floor and who remains silent so that we can all clearly hear its meaning.


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