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Collaborative methodologies and pedagogical approaches

Resolve to do group involves to make that chances. A group doesn’t born, it is a fabrication. Therefore, to become group involves to open spaces for enunciation and difference, and to promote strategies so that differences are not experienced as a conflict of unsolvable positions, but as a power that enriches, contrasts and amplifies the process of learning and creation.

We concept the groups as artefacts, ecological systems which experimenting and select among many relationships those that are better for them. Any artifices think themselves on movement and in plural. Its fabrication due to should show the non-natural character of our communities, and should considering that the richest of the any culture it is capacity to artifices to keep the communities on movement, and devolve new identities and knowledges.
︎︎︎ Do It with others
Leadership is collective. We promote horizontal relationships to value all the experiences, positions and knowledge with which we work, because the power of change lies in difference.

︎Experimental ourselves as an issue to practice Knowledge is not neutral, it depends on the subjects and their cultural heritage. That is why we want to problematise our position and vision in each project we do..
︎Leaving comfortable spaces
In order to find the material to work with, we do not look for similarities, but for differences. The margin of difference has to do with going deeper.

︎ Work in progress The most difficult thing is learning to work in progress. That's why we avoid quick decisions, and we rely on the time of the process to get better results.

︎ Creating spaces of contrast and tension We rely on the power of the question to keep artistic practice alive and to promote a critical and creative approach to social and cultural issues.

︎Making minorities more visible The action of majorities dissolves dissident minorities. That is why we prioritise the antagonistic and dissident position, even if it is outside or against the framework.

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