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Mediation and collaboration with networks

We understand mediation as a chance to develop learning communities and artistic environments to produce situated knowledge and change the local state of affairs.

Therefore, mediation becomes a contact zone where we can play in other way, leaving the common knowledges to do a collective imagination practice which let us inquiry cultural issues and develop alternative ways of sociability. We start from a few basic principles:

︎Working from the situation

We understand the realities in which we work situationally, as maps that are woven in community. This approach let us pay attention about the difference, and develop spaces to hearing, speaking and sharing affects, issues, and positions.   

︎ Claiming difference

We develop contrast and tensioned spaces which let someone experimented the difference as potency, and as alternative to the power dynamic.

︎ Giving visibility to minorities knowledge

We believe that knowledge is a statement traversed by power, and its logics of privilege and exclusion. Consequently, we want to give visibility to the under commons knowledge that questions and deconstructs power relations.

︎ Weaving plural and sustainable learning communities

We facilitate collaborative dynamics and strategies aimed at creating multiple, transversal and situated learning communities.

︎︎︎ Sustaining the partnership in the long term

We accompany long-term creative-research processes aimed at creating conditions for the involvement and autonomy of the communities we work with.

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