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Showcases: an exhibition of spaces is a mediation project developed in the exhibition cycle "D'enamorar-se així, d' equivocar-se així i d'exponer-se així" curated by EART for the Abelló Museum in Mollet del  Vallès between February 2017 and May 2018. The project aims to promote a dialogue on the production of space in the city by involving local communities and educational centres in the neighbourhood.
Showcases: an exhibition of spaces
Mediation I Abelló Museum
2018 — 2019

Showcases: an exhibition of spaces is a mediation programme that proposes a collective framework on the ethical, aesthetic and political condition of spaces in the city.
Common and ordinary spaces, sometimes neutralised or made invisible by our representations and spatial practices, but which define the material and subjective conditions of our existence. The coordinates of what we are and what we can become.

This project is based on a collaborative approach involving a number of actors in the city. It is a collective laboratory in which spaces and life, desire and imagination are intertwined in order to deconstruct and denaturalise common spaces as the city, the neighbourhood or the home, but also the family, citizenship, and all the relational spaces that shape us.

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Laboratory “Temptatives per esgotar l’espai” developed with IES Mollet Baccalaureate students.

Exhibition “Temptatives per esgotar l’espai” developed with  IES Mollet Baccalaureate students at the Abelló Museum

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Encuentros Improbables. Postal action that invite to the neighbourhood to share ideas about the future city.

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