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La lluna en un cove is a multidisciplinary creation laboratory developed with children for the Cultural Contemporary Center of Barcelona as part of the Culturanutas programme.

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La lluna en un cove
Mediation I CCCB
July 2022 

What does a seaweed have to do with a fork? A rock with a computer? A crocodile with a cathedral, or the moon with a basket? Among all our faculties, fantasy is the freest and most subversive. If imagination sees, creativity, invention and fantasy think the world to produce unexpected associations and alternative orders.

The ephemeral museum of La lluna en un cove explores the capacity of fantastic thought to elaborate unusual associations and poetic relationships based on the capacity of objects to induce sensorial and symbolic experiences. Through games of association, assembly and composition that work playfully and globally with the arts, the museum's different stations stimulate children's creativity, fantasy and imagination.

This project explores the material, visual, kinetic and symbolic qualities of objects to induce experiences that increase learning, opening up a wide range of possibilities through games based on manipulation and contact -ephemeral sculpture and theatre-, movement -dance-, composition -visual poetry-, or words -potential literature-. The exploration of these aspects in the different rooms of the museum stimulates a multidisciplinary creative environment that vindicates bodily pleasure, play and cooperation as fundamental pillars in the search for the meanings of the world.


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