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Fahrenheit 356 is a laboratory aimed at developing the methodology for the creation of a library within the Interseccions project of El Prat de Llobregat. The laboratory is based on the need to create a collaborative design space between Interseccions, Institut del Prat, Teatre del Artesà and Espai Cultural del Cèntric to plan the creation of a library.
Faharenheit 356
Co-desing workshop I Interseccions
July-September 2021

Fahrenheit 356 is a collaborative design laboratory that browse between the utopia of the public library as a space to imagine together, and the heterotopy of the books as an artifact that store the telling’s and spaces imagined by many cultures.

This workshop takes the thermal metaphor of the famous dystopian novel by Ray Bradbury, to rethink the role of books and fictions as activating and binding elements of the cultural ecosystem of El Prat. If the 451 Fahrenheit degrees of the novel point to the process of combustion of paper, the 356 degrees of our workshop point to the process of melting paper to bind together the set of institutions that participate in the creation of the library.

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