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Assembly is an archive-fiction workshop that rehearses ways of creatively occupying the assembly in order to think about the new pedagogical paradigm triggered by the student demonstrations at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona

︎︎︎ Assembly Programme 

Assembly: el parlamento de los cuerpos
Workshop I Institut del Teatre
Febrary 2022

In English, "Assembly" means both a gathering of people and a combination of actions, discourses or bodies. An assembly is a theatre, an assemblage, a cyborg body made up of extensions and prostheses and, of course, a history that we could reconstruct through the memories and documents it throws out into the world. 

If events overflow the matrix of any story, documents are the fossils with which we can reconstruct a history, a story or a new cyborg that brings together fantastic extensions, joining the facts with the fictions provided by the bodies.

This workshop just propose inhabit that ambiguity to go back the history, linking the events with its creative reconstruction to think about the new pedagogical paradigm triggered by the student protest at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the image proposed to us by the Assembly is that of a curtain that rises to reveal us as spectators-actors of a story that happens on both sides of the stage: a present assembly that inquiries about a past assembly, and a past assembly that calls for a present assembly. An uncertain scenario in which only the future can make us leap into a new reality worth fighting for. So, the curtain rises for the parliament of bodies to renew the images of the world.


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